Conservative Party of Canada Candidate for Don Valley West, John Carmichael 

John Carmichael Campaign
Sunnybrook Plaza, 118, Bayview & Eglinton
Toronto, ON M4G 2K2
Dear Mr. Matheson,

I would like to thank you for your electronic correspondence regarding the Conservative

Party of Canada's future commitment to the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB).

As you will recall, in Economic Action Plan 2013, our Conservative Government committed $3 million in funding for CNIB's National Digital Hub. This funding supported service delivery for Canadians with print disabilities and ensured that the print disabled continue to have timely access to literary works.
To compliment this commitment, the Conservative Government introduced legislation to bring into force the Marrakesh Treaty. This legislation will ensure that Canadians with print disabilities have access to 285,000 adapted works from 13 countries, in more than 55 languages.
As a result of our actions, Canada will be one of the first G7 nations to fully implement the Marrakesh Treaty, giving Canadians greater opportunities to fully participate in society and the economy.
Moving forward, I can assure you that, when elected, a Conservative Government will continue to work with the CNIB to promote policies and programs that will compliment the important work being done by the organization.
I would like to once again thank you for your correspondence and I look forward to working with you as the Member of Parliament for Don Valley West.
Best wishes,
John Carmichael

Don Valley West


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