Canadians with Disabilities Consultations

The Government of Canada is committed to eliminating systemic barriers and delivering equality of opportunity to all Canadians living with disabilities. A national consultation process is underway to help inform the development of planned legislation that will transform how the Government of Canada addresses accessibility.

Minister of Sport and Persons with Disabilities Carla Qualtrough has highlighted the critical importance of accessibility and affirmed the Government of Canada’s commitment to ensuring all Canadians can participate equally in their communities and workplaces.

“We have made considerable progress in making our society more inclusive, but there is still work to do," said the Minister Qualtrough. "Together, we will make history. Canadians with disabilities continue to face barriers in their daily lives. What does an accessible Canada mean to you?"

She outlined that many Canadians continue to face barriers that affect their ability to participate in daily activities that most people take for granted. Barriers could include:

  • physical, architectural and electronic barriers that impact the ability of people with disabilities to move freely in the built environment, to use public transportation or to access information or use technology;
  • attitudes, beliefs and misconceptions that some people may have about people with disabilities and what they can and cannot do; and
  • outdated policies and practices that do not take into account the varying abilities and disabilities that people may have.

The Government of Canada is seeking input for this planned legislation, including:

  • feedback on the overall goal and approach;
  • to whom would apply;
  • what accessibility issues and barriers it could address;
  • how it could be monitored and enforced; and
  • what else the Government of Canada could do to improve accessibility.

In a commitment to help people who are blind or partially sighted have their voices heard in this initiative, CNIB has partnered with two groups to help bring additional consultation opportunities to our clients and advocates.

As part of the Alliance for an Inclusive and Accessible Canada (AIAC)​ and the Canadian Access and Inclusion Project (CAIP), CNIB will be offering in-person, over the phone, and online consultations to those wishing to take part in this important discussion.​