Key Messages

  • ​Your government has a responsibility to fund library services for you, just like it does for every other citizen.

  • CELA services are funded by governments almost everywhere else in the country, and it should be the same for your region.

  • Tell your MLA what the service means to you, and demand they fund it now. You have the right to library services like every other citizen.

  • Your provincial or territorial government provides funding for citizens without sight loss to access print materials at any local library, they should fund that same access for you.

  • Having access to literature in a variety of alternative formats opens the doors to literacy for people with print disabilities, particularly those who are blind or partially sighted. 

  • Canada has signed and agreed to uphold the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, which outlines literacy as being fundamental human right.

  • Having alternative formats made available in local libraries through CELA, allows for clients and those with print disabilities to increase their social inclusion as it's been directly linked to literacy rates. 

  • With easy access to a wide range of alternative formats such as braille, audio and e-text, a child who is blind or partially sighted would start school on equal ground with their peers, and not feel themselves at a disadvantage because of their sight loss. 

  • A blind or partially sighted parent with access to print/braille children's books would be easily able to participate in the age-old ritual of reading their child a bedtime story.