Glen Wade - Paralympic Goalball Player

1) What was your first exposure to sports?

Glen Wade (for Web).jpgMy first exposure to sports came at the school for the blind, W. Ross MacDonald school in Brantford in grade 1.

This exposure was inclusive and broad in scope IE an opportunity to try many different sports and learn the different skills/movements associated with each.

The staff at the school were extremely dedicated and committed to making sport a positive and fun experience which fostered a desire to keep at it and make sport an important part of day-to-day life.
2) Why should sports be accessible to everyone?

Sport opportunities should be available to all people because it helps with so many aspects of life.

Lessons learned from participation in sport include: Team-work, how to challenge yourself and learn from it, learning just what it takes to win, how to act/conduct yourself in defeat and practice often translates to positive growth
3) What is your favorite Paralympic memory?

My favorite/most impactful Paralympic moment was walking in to the stadium for opening ceremonies!  Walking around the track with the rest of the Canadian team while the crowd was cheering just made it all real and helped reinforce that all the training and dedication paid off.

I felt a comradery with all participants and supporting crowd that just made us feel like one!
4) What is it like to represent your country in the world stage?

Representing Canada on the world stage was incredible!  I think because it is a building process IE something you work towards over a period of time that you get to experience the feeling grow and reach that pinnacle!

I definitely felt the support along the way but upon reaching that “stage” it felt like the country was not only behind you but over-under and all round you!  It was a sense of belonging and partnership that really does go beyond words, it is something you wish you could freeze in time and savor for a longer duration!
5) Do you have any words of advice for our aspiring athletes?

My words of advice would be some pretty standard ones: work hard, make sure it is something you enjoy, make sure you take advantage of opportunities presented to you especially re training and exposure, make sure you learn as much as you can from other athletes and coaches and most important, try to live in the moment/moments along the way and especially as the Paralympic experience plays out!  Absorb what is going on around you and keep it with you throughout your life because it can and will provide so many stories/memories to share or just reflect on during some quieter moments later in life!

I believe you can get the most out of experiences like this if you share with those around you IE your team mates and fellow competitors so try to open yourself up to that and don’t try to “go it alone”

Be sure to celebrate your own victories along the way but also remember it is good to celebrate the accomplishments of others as well and that will come back to you in many positive ways!
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