Bill Morgan - Paralympian in Judo

1) What was your first exposure to sports?

Bill Morgan (for Web).jpgAt the age of 10, I began attending the W. Ross Macdonald School in Brantford, Ontario. It was at this school that I was given my first real opportunity to compete in sport against my sighted peers. I was exposed to a variety of sports and I was drawn to wrestling and judo. The incredible teachers and support staff played a key role in my future success as an elite athlete. 
2) Why should sports be accessible to everyone?

Sports should be accessible to all as there is so much to gain. From the health benefits to the social interactions, there is so much to learn and enjoy. Sport changed my life and I am fortunate to have been given the opportunity at a young age.
3) What is your favourite Paralympic memory?

My favourite Paralympic memory is from Sydney in 2000. This was my first Paralympic Games and the entire experience was overwhelming. The opening ceremonies were electrifying!
4) What is it like to represent your country in the world stage?

It was the greatest honour to represent my country knowing I was one of the best in the world. To wear the red & white is a special part of being Canadian but wearing it at a world event was truly a gift.
5) Do you have any words of advice for our aspiring athletes?

I encourage you to take advantage of each and every opportunity to participate in sport. Take the time to listen to coaches and support staff when they are providing instruction. Be sure to do your best and if all goes well, your best may result in a medal/trophy.

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