Meet Jason Blair

Jason Blair was an outgoing young adult just about to begin his university studies. He was highly active in outdoor activities and sports, and he valued that self-confidence that came with his independence and autonomy.

Then Jason’s vision began to decline, and he struggled with the loss of his mobility and independence. He had trouble navigating, reading, socializing and studying. Jason had to overcome obstacles within the built environment as well as challenges with aspects of his studies that most would take for granted, like visual use during lectures, lab settings and lab demonstrations.

Five years after his vision loss, Jason began a work-term placement at CNIB. There he learned firsthand the services CNIB offers for the complete spectrum of vision loss.

“Through this process, I was better able to understand myself and many challenges others with vision loss face,” says Jason. “CNIB was able to help me with the intangibles – I gained a support network, an understanding of vision loss, and most of all, a sense of empathy and independence.”

With the help of CNIB, Jason completed his undergraduate and graduate studies, and lives an active life. Today, Jason is a 30-year-old exercise physiologist and father of two. He also volunteers a CNIB NL Advisory Board member and advocate for others who are blind or partially sighted.

“I’ve had the unique experience of going through vision loss without, and then with, the help of CNIB,” says Jason. “I believe it is worth my time to help CNIB continue to provide the many invaluable services to others experiencing vision loss.”