Making computers more accessible – Guide Software

Guide, from Software Express in the United Kingdom, provides an accessible suite of the most common PC applications such as email, web browsing, word processing, scanning and spread sheet operations. Although Guide utilizes speech output, its approach is to provide its own suite of applications and simplified user-interface rather than buying a separate screen reader and application software.
Intended to make the learning curve for new users of accessible technology much shorter than learning to use a conventional screen reader, Guide is advertised as close to “plug-and-play” as possible. Guide is not a replacement for a user of JAWS, HAL or another true screen reader, but is suitable for a new user who wishes to be up and running with an accessible computer system very quickly.
With its wide potential to positively impact the lives of those with sight loss, the Guide software was awarded the 2008 Winston Gordon Award from CNIB. The Winston Gordon Award, established by CNIB in 1988, is presented annually to an individual or group who has made significant advances in the field of technology benefiting people with vision loss.