Founder: Dr. Charles Carruthers

Dr. Charles Watty Carruthers was born in Avening, Ont., in 1886. He lost his sight when he was five years old due to an undiagnosed illness. Dr. Carruthers attended the Ontario School for the Blind from age five to 14 before moving on to Woodstock College, Pickering College and the University of Toronto where he earned a BA. He then went on to qualify for the Bar at Osgoode Hall, but instead of pursuing law, became interested in osteopathy and attended a School of Osteopathy in Iowa. Carruthers returned to Toronto and set up a practice that he ran for more than 40 years.

Dr. Carruthers generously dedicated his time to teaching braille to World War I veterans who returned home without vision. He served as president of the Canadian National Library for the Blind at the time of its amalgamation with the CNIB National Library. He was also President of the International Association of Blind Osteopaths and, in 1967, he was awarded the Canadian Centennial Medal. Dr. Carruthers was the last surviving founder of CNIB and died in 1976 at the age of 90.