Daniel Viens or 'The Law of Attraction'

November 21.JPGDo you know the law of attraction? It's a theory that can be summed up like this: "You attract what you are thinking about". Imagine a big magnet. Positive thinking and optimism attracts towards us the well-being and the enthusiasm that lies within others and in life. If, on the contrary, we have a negative or pessimistic outlook, it is anger and sadness that will stick to us.

Daniel Viens, 48 years old, lives in Rouyn-Noranda. After his secondary level studies, with a desire to travel and help, he enrolled in the navy where he served for a few years and developed his leadership skills. After that, Daniel Viens held different jobs before following a vocational training in electro-mechanics that allowed him to obtain a job at Hydro-Québec.

He was 25 years old when he was diagnosed with glaucoma, but the situation stayed stable. In 2013, at the age of 44, the pressure increased in his left eye, and he had to have an emergency operation. The intervention was not successful. In 2015, the same scenario happened, this time in his right eye. Once again, the operation did not bring the expected results. Consequence: he loses his position because he is no longer able to do his job.

Trained in the navy to be a fighter, to stay strong and face his fears, feeling sorry for himself was not an option for Mr. Viens. Animated by an ardent desire to live, he decides to stand up and adapt to his new condition.
In autumn 2016, he signs up for a support group at CNIB. His positive outlook, his ability to express himself, his leadership and his enthusiasm are quickly noticed by the group facilitator, Najla Noori, Program Lead for psychosocial services at CNIB Quebec. She suggests that he starts facilitating a support group by teleconference, which he accepts without hesitating. Soon, he takes charge of a second group. 

Najla then proposes that he facilitates a local group, supported by the resources of the Association for visually impaired people of Abitibi-Témiscamingue (APVH AT). Daniel is enthusiastic, he is convinced that face to face meetings will lead to more successful exchanges and that it will enable him to provide participants with better help.

Daniel Viens is an active and positive man. His condition now prevents him from getting involved voluntarily with sports teams like he did for many years, but he continues to practice weightlifting and yoga amongst others activities. Furthermore, he is a little envious of people living with sight lost in the region of Montréal who can practice a lot of adapted sports. This is not the case in more rural or remote areas because of the lack of resources and the long distances that separate the participants. Daniel Viens is not discouraged by these obstacles. With his profound desire to serve, he is determined to make a difference for visually disabled people of Abitibi-Témiscamingue.

Like these soldiers – who became blind fighting in the First World Warwho decided to found CNIB with the aim to enable people living with vision loss to be independent again, Daniel Viens chooses to remain positive and dynamic, to help others and be happy. Daniel firmly believes that the law of attraction works and he is undeniably on the positive side of the magnet.