Creating the world’s first interactive tutorial series - TECSO Inc. 

Montreal-based TECSO Inc. developed the world’s first interactive tutorial series designed specifically for people who are blind or partially sighted. Series like Listening to Windows 95 and 98, Listening to the Internet, and Listening to Word have helped make TECSO Inc. a world leader in the field of educational software solutions.
“TECSO’s tutorials are a great way for blind users to independently explore and better understand Windows-based applications through the assistance of audio, tactile, large-print, and braille tools,” says Yves Séguin, a TECSO client and program officer for the Employment Equity Division of the Treasury Board of Canada.
As a company totally committed to providing access for people with disabilities to today’s technology-oriented world, TECSO Inc.’s tutorials make it possible for blind or partially sighted users to create a mental image of Microsoft operating systems and applications. These users are involved in every stage of product development. The tutorials are available in English, French, Italian, and soon German, and are sold in more than 10 countries worldwide.
In 2001, TECSO Inc. was recognized by CNIB with the Winston Gordon Award. The company's president and CEO at the time, Catherine Geoffroy, said, "We hope that this award will shed more light on the issue of accessibility, and that government agencies, employers, schools, rehabilitation and training centres, as well as users themselves will better understand the importance of training to improve access to education, employment, and leisure pursuits.