Adding the human touch to accessible tech – HumanWare

HumanWare, the 2013 Winston Gordon Award of Excellence in Accessible Technology, is known throughout the industry for its products that have had a profoundly positive impact on people who are blind and partially sighted.
HumanWare’s innovative approach has resulted in the creation of:
  • Victor Reader Stream: A portable digital talking DAISY-MP3 book player for reference manuals and school books, novels and magazines, unprotected MP4files and Word documents.
  • Trekker Breeze: A GPS system designed specifically for people who have vision loss. The system is easy to use and provides greater independence. While walking, users get verbal announcements of the street names, intersections and landmarks. It’s simple to record or program a route
“Canadians with vision loss can truly benefit from these accessible technological applications, said John M. Rafferty, President and CEO of CNIB. “When you live in a world that has not been built for you, it can be difficult to get around and we recognize that HumanWare is dedicated to helping people live independently and in harmony with their surroundings.”
It was this approach that helped land HumanWare in our "100 Years, 100 Stories" piece for their innovations.