Learning InterNet Communications System (LINCS)

Thanks to Industry Canada’s Community Access Program, eight fully accessible computer workstations are available across Alberta for people with vision loss, seniors and people with mobility restrictions. The sites are housed at CNIB Centres in Calgary, Edmonton, Lethbridge, and Medicine Hat. Workstations are also located at:
  • The Independent Living Resource Centre of Calgary, (# 134, 3359 27 Street NE, Calgary)
  • The Kerby Centre, (1133 7th Avenue SW, Calgary)
  • SAGE - Seniors Association of Greater Edmonton (15 Sir Winston Churchill Square 102A Avenue and 100 Street, Edmonton)

  • Specialized Technical Equipment Program (STEP)

    STEP provides assistive technology and consumer products for home use to Albertans with significant vision loss. Equipment funding is supported by a grant from the Alberta Aids to Daily Living through the Alberta Ministry of Health.

    How Does STEP Work?

    The program requires you to contribute 25 per cent of the cost of any equipment you receive, up to a maximum of $500, unless you are low income or receiving assistance from the Government of Alberta.

    To be eligible for STEP, you must be: registered with CNIB, a resident of Alberta, covered by the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan, and unable to obtain funding from another source. Degree of vision loss is also a factor; CNIB must have a copy of your current eye report.

    Please note: If you are deafblind, there is specialized equipment available to you. You must meet the visual criteria and have a hearing loss greater than 71 decibel in both ears.

    Applicants seeking to replace or duplicate working equipment they have already obtained through STEP are subject to replacement limits ranging between 3-5 years. Application deadlines are May 31, September 30, and January 15.

    For more information or to obtain an application, contact the CNIB office in your community.​ ​​ ​