Our Team of Caring Professionals

CNIB employs approximately 800 professionals, working in the fields of life-skills training, library services, research, advocacy, public education, accessible design consulting, fundraising and administration. These dedicated individuals are supported by more than 10,000 skilled volunteers working in all regions of the country.

Collaborative Approach

CNIB's vision rehabilitation services are delivered using a multi-disciplinary approach. A CNIB team may include social workers, rehabilitation teachers, vision rehabilitation workers, orientation and mobility instructors, consumer products and assistive devices specialists, employment counsellors and occupational therapists. (In Quebec, the provincial government provides many of these services, but CNIB-INCA is the first point of contact.)

Teams work closely with community service agencies and health care providers to ensure complete services for each person who comes to CNIB. We also work with the families of people experiencing vision loss, providing support and practical assistance.

Experience and Expertise

CNIB staff are experts in what they do. Many of our employees serve on local, national and international organizations representing CNIB. Their work has made CNIB Canada's largest supplier of innovative consumer products for people living with vision loss, and the country's largest producer of alternative format materials.

CNIB strives for equal opportunity and access for all, and timely and effective services for the people we assist. No other Canadian organization has the vision loss expertise and knowledge to do this as effectively nationwide.

Benefiting All Canadians

CNIB's expertise frequently benefits all Canadians - for example, thanks to CNIB, many of Canada's streets, transit systems and major public spaces have been made safer and more accessible for everyone. In the past, CNIB has advocated for innovations such as copyright reform (which recognized the rights of people with vision loss to access information) and the introduction of mandatory eye drops for newborns to prevent eye disease.

For decades, CNIB has been conducting leading research focused exclusively on increasing knowledge about quality of life issues that affect people with vision loss. Our research work has directly influenced public policy and rehabilitation practice in Canada and around the world.

International Contribution

On the international stage, CNIB is well known for its rehabilitation, braille, and early child development expertise, and has led the development of DAISY, a revolutionary new format for digital talking books. CNIB frequently shares knowledge with other rehabilitation agencies and funds projects for people with vision loss in the developing world.