How We're Structured

Founded in 1918, CNIB is one of Canada’s oldest charities, and has become one of the world’s largest private agencies committed to vision health issues. CNIB is a multifaceted organization made up of about 850 full-time staff and thousands of dedicated volunteers.

As a registered charity, CNIB is governed by a volunteer board of directors​, made up of volunteers from across Canada, including representatives from the corporate, medical and government sectors, as well as individuals affected by vision loss. Together, in consultation with CNIB’s president and CEO, these individuals set all policy for the organization and guide management in key strategic decisions.

CNIB also has a national office,​ located in Toronto, which consists of several departments that support the efficient administration of the organization’s activities nationwide, and provide functional leadership to key initiatives at the regional level. 

In addition to the national office and The CNIB Library, CNIB has eight divisions, each headed by an executive director and guided by a divisional advisory board. Each division is responsible for managing the delivery of client services in a specific geographic area or function, and raising funds to support that service delivery. Each division is also responsible for the management and operation of the local offices within its specific geographic area. CNIB has more than 50 local offices across Canada, which vary in size, and are hubs for local service delivery and community engagement. 

Executive Team:

  • John M. Rafferty -President and CEO
  • Keith Gordon - Vice President, Research
  • Craig Lillico - Vice President, Finance, CFO and Corporate Secretary​
  • Margaret McGrory - Vice President and Executive Director, CNIB Library
  • Len Baker - Executive Director and Regional Vice President, Ontario​
  • ​Marie-Camille Blais - Executive Director, Quebec
  • Pam Gow-Boyd - Executive Director and Regional Vice President, Atlantic Canada
  • Diane Bergeron - Executive Director, Strategic Relations and Engagement, Ottawa
  • John Mulka - Executive Director and Regional Vice President, British Columbia and Northern Canada
  • Garry Nenson​ - Executive Director and Regional Vice President, Manitoba and Saskatchewan
  • Maria Ash - Senior Director, Human Resources and Volunteer Services
  • Mary Rose Daigle - Senior Director, Information Technology
  • Rob Hindley - Senior Director, Marketing Operations
  • Victoria Pearson - Senior Director, Strategic Planning and Corporate Communications


Division Advisory Boards 2015-2016

British Columbia /Yukon Division Board

Ken Gray, Chair
Catherine Murray, Vice Chair
Ian Schatz, Treasurer
Amy Amantea
Antoinette Dumalo
Ann McNabb
Charles Mossop
Rob Sleath

Regional Representatives

Lower Mainland-South Coast & Fraser Valley
Reed Poynter , Chair
Ian Schatz, Treasurer

Northern B.C. & Yukon
Cameron Sutherland, Chair
Heather Lamb

Southern Interior
Joy Killam, Chair

Vancouver Island
Donald Walls, Chair

Margie Knox
John Wemyss


Alberta Division Board

Dr. Dianne McConnell, Ph.D., Chair
Dr. Patricia Pardo, Ph.D., Vice Chair
Byron S. Beswick
Dr. Ian MacDonald, MSc, MD CM
Mike Seed
Patti Kostiuk
Stu Starkey
Sara Shaak
Marty Park
Dayna Schnell


Saskatchewan Division Board 2014 - 2015

Ron Pugsley, Co-Chair
Cathy Hinther, Co-Chair
Ron Gill, Vice Chair
Ron Filleul
Dr. Renatta Varma
Ellie Mae Bishop
Roy Bluehorn
Jill Clarke
Dr. Ryan Hogan
Barb Pollock
Louise Rathgeber
Dr. Ralph Schneider
Dr. Dean Weninger
Tyler Willox


Manitoba Division Board 2014 – 2015

Glenn Hildebrand, Chair
Clint Castle, Past Chair
Ken Curtis, Vice Chair
Sandra Blanchette
Dr. Daya Gupta
Dr. Chander Gupta
Veronika Kanya
Joanne Kelly
Malinda Lee
Dwight MacAulay
Tim McIsaac
Susan Olynik
Sandra Pierson
Kari Roy
Delcy-Ann Selymes
Dr. Luke Small
Emanuelito Tomas
David Wiebe


Ontario Division Board

Robert English (Bob), Chair
Ken Boshkoff
Brian Brisebois
Jeannie Collins-Ardern
Barb Ennis
Lawrence Euteneier
Colleen Hendrick
Dorothy Macnaughton
Aaron Marsaw
Bruce O’Neil

George Papadakis
Nancy Sanders
Sharon Ward-Zeller


Quebec Division Board 2013 – 2014

Gilles Rivard, président
James Officer, vice-président
Richard Wise
Alain Malek
Élaine Mayrand
David Demers
Frederic Le Pailleur
Pierre-Martin Tardif
Andrej Rajic
Michel Tanguay
Martin Ares
Dr Jean-Pierre Chartrand


New Brunswick Division Board 2013 - 2014

Andrew Daley, Chair
Marian Zaichkowski, Past Chair
Professor Aloke Chatterjee
Bob Lockharts
Hélène Martin
Cynthia Goodwin
Arline Hachey
Josée Martin
Dr. Jeff Palk
Rilind Dragoshi
Jennifer Allaby


Nova Scotia / Prince Edward Island Division Board 2013 – 2014

Dr. Rhett MacDonald, Chair
William (Bill) Blight, Vice Chair
Colleen Henderson, Past Chair
Glenda Parsons
Kevin Walsh
Ron Jones
Allen C. Fownes
Robert MacLeod
Dave Hilchey
David Hirtle


Newfoundland and Labrador Division Board 2013 – 2014

Jim Hynes, Chair
Trevor Giles, Vice Chair
Patricia Suvak, Past Chair
Danny Barrett
Deanna Cheeke
Terry Gardner
Philip Strong
Jason Blair
Dr. Sarah Hutchens
Trina Oake


CNIB Library

Andrew Martin, Chair
Betty Nobel, Past Chair
Kevin Burns, Honourary Treasurer
Marcia Aronson
Stephen Dawes
Brenda McBride
Joan Robinson
Sheyfali Saujani
Nancy Campbell
Jean-Claude Provost


Lake Joseph Division Board

Lawrence Euteneier - Chair
Jane Arkell
Dawn Clelland
Robert Froom
Lion Peter Hammond
Terry Kelly
Dan Maggiacomo
Tom MacNair
Brian Perras
Jim Tokos

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