Division Advisory Boards

CNIB's eight divisions, as well as our CNIB Lake Joseph Centre, are guided by a volunteer Advisory Board, who work hand-in-hand with our Regional Vice Presidents to guide all aspects of local operation – from problem-solving around day-to-day issues, to the development of local programs, services and philanthropy endeavours.

Alberta and Northwest Territories

Dr. Patricia Pardo, Chair
Stu Starkey, Vice Chair
Byron S. Beswick, Treasurer
Dr. Dianne McConnell
Patti Kostiuk
Dr. Ian MacDonald
Marty Park
Dayna Schnell
Mike Seed
Sara Shaak

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British Columbia and Yukon

Division Advisory Board Members
Charles Mossop, Chair
Anne Marie Meehan, Vice Chair
Amy Amantea
Andrea Yip
Ann McNabb
Megan Pratt, Treasurer
Rob Sleath

Regional Representatives
Nathan Schuck, Chair, Lower Mainland-South Coast & Fraser Valley
Ian Schatz, Treasurer, Lower Mainland-South Coast & Fraser Valley
Cameron Sutherland, Chair, Northern B.C. & Yukon
Heather Lamb, Northern B.C. & Yukon
Joy Killam, Chair, Southern Interior
Donald Walls, Chair, Vancouver Island

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Lake Joseph 

Lawrence Euteneier, Chair
Jane Arkell
Dawn Clelland
Robert Froom
Lion Peter Hammond
Terry Kelly
Dan Maggiacomo
Tom MacNair
Brian Perras
Jim Tokos

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Ken Curtis, Chair
Glenn Hildebrand, Past Chair

Jessica Albrechtsen
Scott Best
Brian Fawkes
Michael Juce
Veronika Kanya
Maggie Lee Grant
Dwight MacAulay
Dr. Mercedes Muzychuk
Rocco Scarcella
Delcy-Ann Selymes
Dr. Leanne Zimmer

Honorary Life Members  
Phil Ashdown
Bob Brennan
Marion Bilyk
Clint Castle
Dr. Daya Gupta
Dr. Chander Gupta
Jack Lammens
Ken Phernambucq
Sidney Schwartz
Shep Shell   

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New Brunswick

Brad McPherson, P. Eng., Chair
Arline Hachey, Past Chair
Jennifer Allaby
Edna Bradley-Carr
Rilind Dragoshi
Hélène Martin
Josée Martin
Paul Matheson
Dr. Jeff Palk
Paul Polley
Dr. Rachelle Savoie

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Newfoundland and Labrador

Trevor Giles, Chair
Philip Strong, Vice Chair
Jim Hynes, Past Chair
Danny Barrett
Jason Blair
Bonnie Cochrane
Dr. Sarah Hutchens
Lori Mercer
Jim Scott
Christian Somerton
George Sweeney
Terry E. Taylor
Kim Thistle-Murphy

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Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island

Dave Hilchey, Chair
Glenda Parsons, Vice Chair
William (Bill) Blight, Past Chair
Michael Haddad
Michelle Hilchey
Sherri Merzetti
Dr. Marcelo Nicolela
Alycia Pottie
Sam Sanderson
Aish Sundaram
Dr. Edward Rafuse, Honorary Ophthalmologist

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Dorothy Macnaughton, Chair
Colleen Hendrick
Vicki Mayer
Richard Steel
Len Baker, Regional Vice-President, Ontario and Quebec
Sandra Millington, CNIB, Executive Assistant

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Elaine Mayrand, President
Gilles RivardW
James Officer
Richard Wise
Alain Malek
Jean-Pierre Chartrand
Mark Laflèche
Frédéric Le Pailleur
Pierre-Martin Tardif
Martin Ares
Michel Tanguay
David Demers
Stéphanie Levasseur
Louise Ouellet

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Jill Clarke, Chair
Tyler Willox, Vice Chair

Karen Birss
Cathy Hinther
Korryn Kubashek
Lion Rick Pockett
Ron Pugsley
Dr. Ralph Schneider
Rhonda Smysniuk
Dr. Renatta Varma
Becki-Lee Zerr