Topics discussed by the National Youth Council and guests cover important skills and opportunities that could help people with vision loss become more successful in life.​

Episode 1: Finding a Job

In this first episode of the re-launched Open Your Eyes, host Scott Best talks to CNIB’s Tina Sarkar-Thompson about finding a job as a blind or partially sighted young person. They discuss how to figure out what field you want to work in, how to get work and volunteer experience and where to find other employment-related resources.

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Past Episodes

Episode 1: Making Fri​ends 

In this first podcast, hosts Ola and Owen discuss making friends and the difficulties youth with vision loss may experience throughout the process. To help others facing this issue, they discuss different ways to help someone with vision loss make friends, and explain why making friends isn’t as difficult as it may seem.

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Episode 2: GoalB​all

A special guest is featured in the second episode of the NYC’s podcast series – Brieann Baldock, a provincial goalball player on the Alberta team. Brieann discusses the sport of goalball as an adaptive sport for the blind or partially sighed. She explains how the sport is played and the satisfaction she receives from playing on a sports team. She also discusses how anyone can get involved with a goalball team and build a sense of community through sport.

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Episode 3: Guid​e Dogs

In this episode, Ola and Owen talk to fellow National Youth Council Member, Chanel about guide dogs. Chanel shares her adventures with her guide dog, Nyla, and what to expect when it comes to adopting a guide dog. Chanel also discusses the pros and cons of using a guide dog, as well as how to interact with a working guide dog.

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