Get Involved

Want to join the CNIB National Youth Council? If you do, get in touch! We as a council seek to have youth representation from all over Canada, and from diverse backgrounds. Whether you’re from Toronto or from a small town in New Brunswick or the Yukon, we would love to hear from you!

If you are interested in joining the National Youth Council, the process is very simple:

  1. Submit a resume and letter of recommendation: Email your resume and a letter of recommendation from someone who would be able to explain why you would be a good candidate for the National Youth Council. These documents can be emailed to the head of the Selections Committee, Rilind Dragoshi, at
    Note: Please feel free to email us a resume or a letter of recommendation even if you don’t have both documents. We will review what you are able to send us.
  2. Initial conversation with council members: Expect a call or email from either the Selections Committee or one of the co-chairs of the council. After this conversation, you may be invited as an observer on the National Youth Council for one of our council meetings.
  3. Voting by council members: At the end of the council meeting that you are invited to join, you will be excused for a brief period of time. During this time the members of council will discuss your application and participation, and will vote on your membership status. A 2/3 majority vote will mean that you will be accepted. If you are accepted on to the council, you will be informed by the council as soon as possible.

Member Expectations:

  • To read any material sent before meetings, so as to be ready to discuss any documents at our meetings;
  • To attend meetings regularly and respect meeting commitments;  
  • To complete any assigned tasks or projects in a timely fashion;
  • To participate meaningfully in project discussions and plans;
  • To represent all regions and provinces across Canada;
  • To consult and share information with Regional Leadership Councils and Divisional and National CNIB Boards.

What to Expect From a Council Meeting:

Teleconferences: Monthly teleconference meetings are run by our two council co-chairs. All members and mentors are required to take part in the conference calls; however, in cases when a party cannot attend, notification to the co-chairs at least 24 hours prior is required. Generally, teleconferences begin with a recap of previous discussions, followed by reports on tasks assigned during the previous teleconference. Council members determine what next steps to take for certain tasks or projects, as well as any new task assignments. Members are encouraged to participate in decision making for the council, as decisions are made through a democratic process via round table voting.

Delegation: Members are to expect an assignment to be given out each teleconference to be completed by the next teleconference. Members are usually put into groups, each group having a specific task to complete.  Task leaders may be chosen in each group, so that members have experience leading, and so that group work may run more smoothly.  Members are to expect to be in different groups with different members whenever a new task is assigned. Mentors may or may not be included in group work, but are always available to offer help and guidance where needed.

Face-to-Face: Every year, the national Youth Council will meet in person at least once, in a location in Canada that is selected by the members of council. This event is a great opportunity for youth to connect, build skills and network with each other and CNIB staff. The face-to-face meeting also allows the council to accomplish work that otherwise would take a much longer period of time to accomplish remotely.