Scholarships and Bursar​ies

We help to support young people as they work towards achieving their dreams and goals:

  • CNIB Sc​​holarships
    CNIB Scholarships will be awarded to a Canadian student who is blind or partially sighted for the purpose of attending a Canadian post-secondary institution.

  • CNIB Master's Scholarship​
    The CNIB Master’s scholarship encourages and supports people who are blind or partially sighted to undertake theoretical and practical research and studies at the Master’s level.​

  • Scholarship for BC Students with Visual Impairments
    This annual scholarship is available to graduating students with vision loss who best exemplify leadership activities and community service.

  • The CNIB Sense Scholarship for Students with Vision Loss -  An annual one-time award of $1,000 granted to a Canadian living with vision loss, who is attending or planning to attend a university or college in Canada. This scholarship is made possible as a result of the fundraising efforts of the DalSense Society at Dalhousie University and the SMUSense Society at Saint Mary’s University!