Canadian Braille Literacy Foundation

Important Information

Please note that the CBLF grant is suspended until further notice.

To Promote Braille Literacy

The Canadian Braille Literacy Foundation is funded through an initial challenge grant from The National Literacy Secretariat of the government of Canada. The Foundation is administered by CNIB, and provides funding for projects and programs to promote braille literacy and to make braille publications and instruction more accessible to people who are blind or living with vision loss.


Grants are determined annually on the basis of funds available to the Foundation. Grants are made only to registered non-profit organizations for activities to promote public awareness, research coordination and information sharing that foster awareness of braille, development of braille literacy materials and advance the use of braille to enhance access to information.

Decisions of the Canadian Braille Literacy Foundation Selection Committee on the eligibility for a grant and the amount of the grant are final. Because of the Foundation's limited resources, applicants must be prepared to accept less than the amount requested.

We thank you for your contribution and support of braille literacy, and look forward to working with you.

Terry Kelly
Chair, Canadian Braille Literacy Foundation


The application form is available in two formats:
Printable MS Word format
Accessible MS Word format

  • Submitted to the Foundation by June 30 of the year prior to the year in which the proposal for funding is requested to commence;

  • Signed by the responsible officers or executives of the organization requesting funding;

  • Complete and provide full details of the proposal for which funding is requested, including a detailed budget for the project for which funding is requested; and,

  • Specific and disclose all other sources of funding for the project, indicating whether or not other funding is committed or requested at the time of the application.

  • Provide an electronic copy of the application form and subsequent reports to the Foundation.


  • Financial records accessible to audit by the Foundation or its representatives must be maintained to account for money received and spent for any proposal funded by the Foundation.

  • Grants must be used for the purpose set out in the application, and after the award of a grant no change in purpose may be made without the prior written permission of the Foundation.

  • Publicity for any project funded by the Foundation must acknowledge in both English and French, when appropriate, that financial assistance for the project was provided by the National Literacy Secretariat of the Government of Canada, CNIB and the Canadian Braille Literacy Foundation.

  • Applicants are responsible for carrying out a project funded by the Foundation within the funding made available to them. Beyond the funding provided by the Foundation, the Foundation is not responsible for any deficit of the applicants in the operation of the program.

  • Upon completion of any project for which a grant is given by the Foundation, a final report must be submitted by the organization to which the grant is made. The report must detail the success of the project in meeting the goals set in the application, and must summarize the funds received and money spent by the organization on the project.


Initial financial support for a project will be provided for up to one year. Limited multi-year funding of a project may be considered but shall not exceed three years.

The grant awarded will be released to the applicants in January of the year following their application.

Canadian Braille Authority

Ontario Ministry of Education