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Super easy 3-ingredient holiday recipes

Cooking and entertaining at the holidays can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you've recently experienced a loss of sight. But with only three ingredients, these delicious recipes will make cooking that perfect holiday dinner a lot easier…

Pesto parmesan Christmas treeImages of holiday foods

Make your holiday dinner a bit more decorative, and delicious, with this pesto parmesan Christmas tree ​from

  • Ingredients: Pillsbury crescent rolls, parmesan cheese, basil pesto

Turtle pretzels

Created by, this chocolate turtle recipe is as easy as it gets.

  • Ingredients: mini pretzels, Rolos, pecan halves

Toni's Coca-Cola Christmas ham  

The protein for your holiday dinner couldn't be simpler to make than with this yummy and simple ham recipe from

  • Ingredients: ham, Coca-Cola, whole cloves

Shortbread cookies

Try this mouth-watering shortbread cookie recipe from and add your own topping, like brown sugar, icing or sprinkles.

  • Ingredients: salted butter, sugar, flour

Red velvet cookies

Everybody loves red velvet cake, so these easy red velvet cookies from are sure to be a hit too.

  • Ingredients: red velvet cake mix, eggs, vegetable oil

Crescent wrapped brie

The great thing about baked brie is that it's not only delicious, but it always impresses guests because it looks like a lot of work! Luckily, it's super simple to make using this recipe from   

  • Ingredients: Pillsbury crescent rolls, brie cheese, egg

Roasted potatoes with crunchy onions

No holiday dinner would be complete without a side of potatoes. This recipe from is not only delicious, but incredibly easy to make.

  • Ingredients: Baby red potatoes, olive oil, dry onion soup mix

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Brighten someone's future. Make a holiday gift today. 

Man stands looking into the light, darkness behind himLike a wall suddenly appearing before you, vision loss can be jarring, overwhelming, isolating. Your work, your studies, the things that give your days so much meaning – all of it can feel suddenly out of reach.

CNIB is here to ensure that the 50,000 Canadians who lose their vision every year have the support they need. We can only do that with your help. 

Give now​

Together, we help people not only cope after they lose their sight, but even thrive. Day by day, they start to see a future they may have thought was lost forever.

Thanks to the generosity of people like you, we provide emotional support to people with vision loss, help children learn, and offer people accessible technologies to help them reintegrate into the workplace, keep up with their studies, connect with their families, and thrive.

Click here to make your holiday gift today. Anything you can offer will make a difference.​

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Your 2017 Shop CNIB holiday gift guide

Thinking about holiday gifts for someone in your life with vision loss? Shop CNIB has a lot of different gift ideas to make this holiday season extra special.

Get your order in by December 11 to arrive by Christmas using regular post!

Bradley men's tactile watch
Unique and discreet, the Bradley watch is a much-anticipated time-telling device that's making waves the world over for its sleek, accessible design. This fashionable accessory allows you to tell time just by touching a dial, and feeling the durable tactile ball bearings that indicate the hour and the minute. Nominated for design of the year by Design Museum in London, this cutting-edge, one-of-a-kind watch is available in limited quantities. 

Nimble one-finger cutting tool
The Nimble is an incredible one-finger cutting tool that helps you avoid the hassle of scissors and craft blades. Just align your finger using the tactile guides inside this yellow thimble and press at a 45-degree angle. The sharp zirconia ceramic blade slices through tape or packaging with ease. Adult supervision recommended.

Pocket sized talking calculator
This 8-digit pocket sized talking calculator is great for users who are blind or have low vision. The device measures 5" X 3¼" x ¾" and weighs a mere 3 oz. Perfect for carrying to and from school, work, or wherever you're going. 

One-button talking clock
This low-profile clock has a simple one-button operation. Press the 2¾" (7 cm.) circular white button to hear the time. Press again to hear the date (including day, month and year) in a loud, clear British male voice. It's easy to program using the "Mode" button on the clock's underside. Menu settings are voice-announced. 

Victor Reader Trek book player and GPS
$795 (sale price available until Jan. 31, 2018)
Two products in one! The Victor Reader Trek combines technology from the Victor Reader Stream with the Trekker Breeze. Not only can you read books and listen to podcasts, but you can also check your location. Press the "Where Am I" button to hear the current nearest address, the direction you're travelling and a description of the next intersection (whether it's 3-way or 4-way, and approximate distance).

Panasonic cordless phone with easy-to-see buttons
The Panasonic cordless telephone is an easy-to-see and easy-to-hear device. Handset features a large 1.8" (4.6 cm.) white backlit LCD. Talking caller ID (requires a subscription through your phone provider) announces the name of the incoming caller, while the talking dial pad buttons speak the number that is dialed aloud in a female voice. Also features a unique "slow talk mode" which slows the speed of the caller's voice in real-time and slows the playback of voicemail.

Talking bathroom scale
This precision black talking bathroom scale can announce your weight in pounds or kilograms using a pleasant English-only female voice. Switch off the talking feature for privacy and read the large digital display instead. Maximum weight capacity: 396 lbs. (180 kgs.). Requires 4 AAA batteries (included).

Optelec Compact 6 talking electronic magnifier
$1,250 (sale price available until Jan. 31, 2018)
Enjoy speech on the go. Point the camera to text, take a snapshot and listen as the text is read to you aloud. Features include two cameras, a 6" screen, customizable touch screen buttons, reading stand and continuous zoom from 0.5X to 21X.

Olympus digital recorder
This lightweight and pocket sized digital recorder was designed with beginners in mind. Simply slide a switch for one-touch recording. Buttons include "trash bin" (delete), noise cancellation and centralized "play" button. An oval rocker controls volume and playback speed.

Coming soon!
BuzzClip 2 wearable mobility tool
This discreet innovative device uses ultrasound waves to detect obstacles. Through a series of vibrations, it helps navigate users around obstacles at the upper body and head level. Not intended to replace a cane, but should be used in combination with a cane or guide dog. Micro-USB charging cable included. Available January, 2018.

Three ways to buy:
  • Online: Browse our webstore at
  • By phone: Call us toll-free at 1-866-659-1843
  • In person: Visit one of our 20+ store locations across the country

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Lights, camera, Christmas!

Described kids' Christmas movies on Netflix

Watching Christmas movies is an important part of the holiday season for millions of children around the world – and there's no reason why kids with vision loss or blindness shouldn't get to have the same experience. Luckily, Netflix has a few holiday movies available for download in described format, so all kids can enjoy them, regardless of their level of sight…    

  • Arthur ChristmasMovie poster for "Arthur Christmas"

Starring a laundry list of acclaimed British actors (including Jim Broadbent, James McAvoy, Imelda Staunton, Robbie Coltrane and Hugh Laurie), this 2011 computer animated comedy is great for kids and adults alike. It tells the story of Santa's hapless son, Arthur, who goes on a mission to save Christmas for one little girl. 

  • Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole ChristmasMovie poster for "How the Grinch Stole Christmas"

This live action adaptation of the 1966 cartoon became an instant holiday classic when it hit theatres in 2000. Starring Jim Carrey as the Grinch and directed by Ron Howard, the film is magical from start to finish – and just like Dr. Seuss, it's funny, silly, colourful, and utterly fantastical. It even won an Oscar for best makeup.

  • Bob's Broken SleighMovie poster for "Bob's Broken Sleigh"

Featuring the voices of Canadian actors Victor Garber, Bruce Greenwood and newcomer Cole Howard, "Bob's Broken Sleigh" is a cute, computer animated special that kids of all ages will love. It tells the story of Bob, a magic-less Christmas elf who finds himself on a wild sleigh ride after being ambushed by the evil puffin Fishface. Stranded in the middle of a magical forest, it's up to him and the friends he makes along the way to bring the sleigh back home in time for Christmas – if the puffins don't get it first!

  • Santa Pac's Merry Berry DayMovie poster for "Santa Pac's Merry Berry Day"

This 2016 computer animated TV special sees the Pac Man universe come alive with the Christmas spirit. Lead character Pac strives to keep "Berry Day" the happiest day ever while thwarting the evil Betrayus's plan to capture Santa Pac and his band of Round Deer.

Accessing Netflix…
If you're not familiar with it, Netflix is a digital video-on-demand service that you can access through your computer or smartphone, or through your TV using a media player like Google Chromecast or Apple TV. Netflix is home to thousands of movies and TV shows that you can access for a monthly subscription of around $10. And although they have a long way to go, Netflix is slowly working to create more and more described versions of their content. A few hundred movies and TV shows are now available on Netflix in described video, with more being added every month. To subscribe to Netflix, visit

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Enter to win the Holman Prize

You could win $25,000 to help you achieve an amazing goal

Holman PrizeCreated by LightHouse for the Blind in San Francisco, the Holman Prize awards $25,000 to blind adventurers and creators across the globe.

Last year, the three winners represented a wide spectrum of ambition and ingenuity. Ahmet Ustunel is training to kayak Turkey's Bosphorus Strait, completely solo; Penny Melville-Brown is taking her YouTube baking show to six continents; Ojok Simon is teaching his fellow Ugandans to become self-sustaining beekeepers.

Think you've got what it takes to win the Holman Prize? Send a 90-second YouTube video explaining how you'd put the prize money to use. From there, a select group of semifinalists will be chosen to submit written proposals, and finalists will be interviewed by LightHouse staff. Applications for the prize open on January 16, 2018 at 8 PM EST. Learn more at

Celebrate the festive season and ring in the New Year with AMI-audio and AMI-tv. Cozy up by the fire and tune in to your two favourite stations for programming that is sure to warm your heart and put a smile on your face.
Visit for more information >​

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