Insight November 2014

​​Welcome to the November edition of “Insight”. The holiday season is right around the corner and this month we’ve got Shop CNIB’s Holiday Gift Guide to help you cross some names off your list. We’ll also meet November’s volunteer of the month and learn about how CNIB Night Steps brightened the night “virtually”.

Shop CNIB Holiday Gift Guide

Monopoly.jpgLooking for a gift for a family member or friend who’s blind or living with vision loss? Or, are you looking to add something new to your collection of accessible products to make 2015 that much more exciting? Look no further! Shop CNIB is home to the largest collection of accessible products in Canada, from playing cards to stylish watches to CCTVs and everything in between.

Check out some of our favourites this year:

  • Monopoly Braille – Everyone can have fun playing the classic Monopoly board game. This special version for players who are blind has all the famous properties and pieces, from Baltic Avenue to Boardwalk. Available in English only.

  • Holiday Cards – Choose from one of three designs and have 10 cheerful seasonal cards on hand to send out to family and friends. The front of each card is written in both print and braille.

  • Smartlux Digital Portable Video Magnifier – This portable video magnifier features the latest technology, but it’s still easy to use. The four control buttons are tactile and intuitive, and the adjustable stand lets you read and write in comfort.

  • Bradley Tactile Watch – This fashionable accessory allows you to tell time just by touching a dial, and feeling the durable tactile ball bearings that indicate the hour and the minute. Nominated for design of the year by Design Museum in London, this cutting-edge, one-of-a-kind watch is available in limited quantities and won’t last long.

  • Photo Phone – Program up to nine numbers you call all the time, and then put a photo of each person on the one-touch button that dials their number. High-definition sound amplification technology makes your caller's every word clear and easy to understand.

Contact your local CNIB office for a low vision consultation, and for more information on assistive devices or adaptive aids that can include both low- and high-tech tools.

For more information or to purchase any of our favourite products for yourself or a family member, visit


Volunteer of the Month: Meet Derek

Derek and Irma.jpgSince he was a teenager Derek Dadd, 67, knew he wanted to volunteer his time helping people who are blind and partially sighted read books and newspapers. Now, Derek does so much more than read to his Vision Mate, Irma – he’ll do whatever she needs!

Derek has been volunteering with a number of different organizations for more than 25 years, but joined CNIB as a volunteer in 2006. Since joining the volunteer team, he has assisted with the delivery and set-up of reading machines, and sat on the CNIB board of directors.  His fondest memories are those that he’s made during his years as a Vision Mate to five people, including his current Vision Mate, Irma.

“One memory that stands out most is the day Irma asked me to take her shopping for clothing. I’m a dedicated Vision Mate so, of course I took her,” laughs Derek. “Luckily, a very nice and very understanding sales associate told me to go for coffee and come back in half an hour – she could handle it without me!”

Now retired, Derek enjoys reading and boating. He also splits his volunteer time between CNIB and Habitat for Humanity.

“I enjoy volunteering because I like people, learning new things and feeling like I’m helping in some way,” says Derek. “CNIB is a great organization that does amazing things for those with vision loss. I’ve learned so much about those who are coping with vision loss and it’s rewarding to be able to, in a small way, make their lives easier.”

If you’d like to join our volunteer team, visit .


CNIB Night Steps brightened the night…virtually too!

Night Steps.jpgThis past September, CNIB supporters from across the country threw on their walking shoes, donned their glow-in-the-dark swag and took to the streets for our third annual Night Steps events – CNIB’s fun and easy fundraising walk under the stars! This year, for the first time, supporters were also given the opportunity to participate in Virtual Walks in their own communities.

Open to anyone across the country, these innovative Virtual Walks provided walkers with the chance to create a team, raise funds, increase awareness and orchestrate a walk in their own community on a day of their choosing – an option that was especially popular in towns where a CNIB-organized Night Steps event wasn’t taking place.

For its inaugural year, Night Steps Virtual Walks contributed more than $20,000 to the fundraising grand total of over $130,000 to support CNIB’s vital services, such as learning independent travel using a white cane and empowering Canadians who are blind or partially sighted through other local programs and services.

Planning for CNIB Night Steps 2015 is already well underway and we will expand to even more locations next year. If there’s no official Night Steps event in your area, remember that thanks to the Virtual Walk, you and your community can still brighten the night and support CNIB!


In Tribute Holiday.jpgThis holiday season, honour a loved one with a gift to CNIB

When someone loses their vision, life changes forever – and every person adjusts to it differently. Some people live in isolation, while others experience depression or anxiety. Your support makes it possible for CNIB to be there for people who are blind or partially sighted, helping them lead active, independent lives. Your donation helps us change lives every day. Donate today at


3_cards_Final.jpgSpread some holiday cheer!

As the crisp fall weather begins to move in, the CNIB team is eagerly looking forward to the holiday season ahead! This year, we’re thrilled to be offering CNIB holiday cards for sale through Shop CNIB retail stores across the country and online at Available in packs of 10, the proceeds of these beautifully designed cards will support CNIB services in your community. Order yours today!


Note:The information provided in this article is for awareness purposes only, and should not replace the expertise of an eye doctor. CNIB recommends that you visit your doctor of optometry regularly for thorough eye exams, up-to-date medical information and advice tailored to your own unique vision health and family history.

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