Financial Highlights

We invested more than $55 million directly into services and programs for Canadians with vision loss last year. The financial support for these programs comes from government funding (41.4%), public support (38.4%), investments (2.6%), consumer product sales (6.4%), retail lottery and gaming (3.3%), fees for service (1.8%), and other fundraising initiatives (6.1%).

Distribution of expenditures
Administration, 3.5%
Fundraising, 15.5%
Cause-related programs, 81.0%
Cause-related program expenses
Public education,
advocacy and research, 8.0%
Accessible publishing and
support to libraries, 10.2%
Technology and devices to
assist daily living, 14.2%
support services, 17.8%
Post-vision loss
rehabilitation therapy, 38.9%

Note: Social enterprise programs are not included in this diagram as they are self-funding and do not use donor dollars.

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