United Across the Nation

Letter from the President & CEO, and Board Chair

From the harbours of Newfoundland to the plains of Saskatchewan, from the Alberta Rockies to the Canadian Shield, CNIB is proud to call every part of this country home.

For almost 100 years, we’ve worked on the ground in communities right across Canada – helping blind and partially sighted Canadians build the skills needed to lead full, independent lives. What started as a small cluster of CNIB offices has since grown into a nationwide presence, 57 locations strong.

Now, as we move forward with our four-year strategic plan, the Path to Change, we feel our coast-to-coast identity more than ever. The end of the 2016 fiscal year marks the midpoint in this plan, which sees us working with provincial governments to integrate post-vision loss rehabilitation therapy into the continuum of health care.

Just like Canada’s citizens across the country, every Canadian province is unique – and our strategy to achieve the Path to Change has varied from region to region as a result. What hasn’t varied, however, is our unity on this goal: our collective and unflinching resolve to ensure all Canadians have equal access to the rehabilitation services they need to be independent, as well as the charitable programs that can so greatly enhance the quality of someone’s life.

As you read this report, you’ll learn more about our progress on the Path to Change in each Canadian region. You’ll also learn more about our achievements from the past year in communities from coast to coast.

None of this would have been possible without your support. And so, we thank you: Our many supporters and champions across Canada.

John M. Rafferty
President & CEO

John Matheson
Chair, National Board of Directors

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