Annual Review 2011-12: Exceptional achievements, Extraordinary people

New this year! Listen to our extraordinary client and donor stories and learn about how CNIB is creating lasting change in the lives of Canadians who are blind or partially sighted every day.

Meet our President & CEO

It gives us great pleasure to share with you our 2011-2012 annual review… 

Meet Our Clients

Heather Pye holding babyMeet Heather

New mom Heather Pye joined the Parenting with Vision Loss program in 2011 to learn different skills and techniques, boosting her confidence as a parent.

Listen to Heather's story

Carol working
Meet Carol

Carol Mondesir was diagnosed with age-related macular degeneration, but it didn't stop her from living a full life. After joining a support group at CNIB, she regained the confidence to become a leader in her community.

Listen to Carol's story

Watch our described PSA

Barry walking
Meet Barry

After Barry lost his sight in a work-related accident, he came to CNIB for support. Now he works alongside CNIB to spread awareness about the importance of wearing protective eyewear.

Listen to Barry's story

Skyler and Brittany playing
Meet Skyler and Brittany

With CNIB's support, Skyler, an active three-year-old with vision loss, is learning the early literacy skills necessary to ensure he has the confidence to live an independent life.

Listen to Brittany and Skyler's story

Gurdial with Vision MateMeet Gurdial

Gurdial Dhaliwal considers his Vision Mate a close friend. After connecting with CNIB, he has the support to maintain an active lifestyle, including cooking, sewing and traveling in the community.

Listen to Gurdial's story

Meet Our Donors

Shep ShellMeet Shep Shell

A lifelong client, Shep Shell is a donor and member of the Programs and Services Committee in Manitoba.

Listen to Shep Shell's story

Chris Gower of PCLMeet Chris Gower of PCL Construction Canada

PCL Construction Canada generously provided general contracting services to build the new residence at CNIB's Lake Joseph Centre summer camp.

Listen to Chris Gower of PCL Construction Canada

Watch the video

Edna TurpinMeet Edna Turpin

Edna Turpin, an extraordinary fundraiser and volunteer, has seen first-hand how CNIB helps people who are blind or partially sighted in her community.

Listen to Edna Turpin's story

Our Generous Supporters

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