Program and services: Funds in action

Seventy per cent of our funding goes directly into cause-related programs. Last year, 15.9 per cent of our expenditures went to fundraising, 3.1 per cent to administration, and 10.9 per cent to other activities like retail operations that garner income for the charity.

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Pie Chart of Distribution of Cause-related Program Expenses see text below for the breakdown

Distribution of Cause-related Program Expenses

  • Independent living instruction 15.5%
  • Independent travel services 8.3%
  • Counselling and referral 5.9%
  • Low vision services 9.2%
  • Career and employment services 2.3%
  • Deafblind services 10.4%
  • Volunteer services 3.7%
  • Transitional training 2.0%
  • Ongoing strategic programs 10.9%
  • Devices to assist daily living 13.9%
  • CNIB Library services 10.7%
  • Public education and advocacy 6.2%
  • Research 1.0%
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