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Message from the Chair

Headshot of Jane Beaumont, Chair, Board of Directors, CNIB.There is a change on the horizon for people who are blind or partially sighted in this country, and being a part of it as CNIB’s Board Chair is an honour and a pleasure.

For too many decades, the rehabilitation therapy relied upon by many Canadians who are blind or partially sighted has fallen to the charitable sector. More specifically, they have fallen to CNIB. But no individual – blind, partially sighted or otherwise – should have to go to a charity to access services they need to thrive.

Now with our new strategic plan, The Path to Change, there is the possibility of something greater: a Canada in which every person has the rehabilitation therapy they need to live life to the fullest with blindness or partially sighted, without reliance on the instability of charitable dollars.

The Path to Change represents an historic step forward for CNIB and people who are blind or partially sighted of all ages, across Canada. And I am grateful to all those who had a hand in bringing it to life – from our Board of Directors and leadership volunteers, to our staff and frontline volunteers, to health care practitioners, advocates and people with vision loss from coast to coast.

To the countless individuals who have guided and supported our path this year, I send a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to you all.

Jane Beaumont
Chair, Board of Directors

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