Service Highlights

Rights Charter puts patients first

Last year, CNIB was proud to lead the charge in the development of a landmark document, The Canadian Patient Charter for Vision Care, jointly created by CNIB, the Opticians Association of Canada, the Canadian Association of Optometrists and the Canadian Ophthalmological Society. Through 28 individual patient rights and responsibilities, the Charter provides a blueprint for ensuring optimum care is delivered across all stages of the vision loss journey – and most importantly, represents the first time in history that Canada’s eye health and vision loss community have come together as a united front to take a stand for patient-centered, seamless care.  

Vision Mates serve more clients than ever

Through CNIB’s Vision Mate program, our team of dedicated Vision Mate volunteers provides one-on-one community support to people who are blind – helping reduce feelings of isolation and offering assistance around the home. In the last year, we were thrilled to expand the program to include a total of 953 Vision Mates across Canada. Together, these volunteers spent a combined 122,000 hours visiting and assisting CNIB clients – more than double the previous year.

Literacy Kit fosters kids' love of reading

For children with vision loss, learning to read can be a challenging process. To help overcome these challenges and encourage a lifelong love of reading, CNIB created the Readasaurus kit, which is filled with kid-friendly books and activities, and a practical guide to help parents support their child's literacy skills. More than 300 families received Readasaurus kits last year, generating rave reviews from young readers coast to coast.

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