Wayne Gretzky speaks to Sports Illustrated magazine about his work with CNIB


In the latest issue of Sports Illustrated magazine, Wayne Gretzky spoke about his work with CNIB​:

"When they asked me to light the Olympic flame, I was so excited and so proud because there were so many people they could have chosen. In my life I've met so many wonderful people and had an opportunity to be involved in charitable work. The Canadian National Institute for the Blind is in my hometown, so I've done a lot of work with blind kids. Because of the NHL, I've had a chance to be a part of helping a lot of people," he says of his proudest moments off the ice.

In honour of their outstanding commitment to young Canadians with vision loss, the Walter and Wayne Gretzky Scholarship Foundation for the Blind Youth of Canada was established in 1996.​

Read the full Sports Illustrated magazine article.

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